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The above pic can be used as a smartphone background. I'm currently using it on a Coolpad Legacy which is more than 6 inches.  I've been creating wall papers for a few years. I have a nice collection spread out on a couple smartphones and a couple cloud drives  One of these days I will organise them then post them somewhere. There are a couple pics that are really nice. I operate on the premise that the more I produce the more chances there will good one or two. It's like the sales profession, the more people you talk to the more likely to get a sale.

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Why a New Blog?

Why did I start another blog? I don't know. A few days ago I found a few PLR articles and as I was thinking about what to do with the content, I received an email from Google Domains reminding me about this domain. I purchased a while ago and as with the other domains I've purchased, I haven't really done much with them. Part of the reason I'm not doing anything is because I don't enjoy writing any more. In the past I'd write a few articles a week and I'd write articles for clients. So I was always busy either writing or proofreading work from a couple women I employed to help me produce content for clients. Maybe I'll get the writing bug again. I hope so because it's a great job.